Microprocessor Systems

Many control systems can be designed using standardized PLC components which are readily available. These components are designed for a broad range of uses, with maximum flexibility. This is often ideal for small numbers of similar control systems but it also has an impact on the cost. Depending on the application it can be more cost-effective to design custom hardware. Mobics can develop and supply hardware and software to your specification.

USB to 485 converter Microprocessor controller Mobics 485 data acquisition card Mobics remote I/O board Mobics optical sensor board



  • Very economical solution for a specific application.
  • Large cost savings in short term, higher profitability in long term.
  • Easy to brand label and integrate into your own product.
  • With a custom made controller your product is unique.

Mobics has made a universal dryer controller.

Mobics supplies both Microprocessor/FPGA control systems and PLC Systems. We will always give a recommendation that fits your needs.

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