Dryer controller

The Mobics M720 is an adjustable dryer controller. Due to many build-in options the M720 controller can be used for almost every dryer without the need for software changes.

M720 Dryer controller set Humidity sensor Infra red sensor Dryer front

 Mobics Translation software for M720 controller 

The controller has additional (free) PC software to meet special needs or to add extra translations. Mobics Dashboard can be used to view and analyse production data but also to adjust the recipes to the best settings. For optimal working many parameters can be changed by the user or technical staff in password protected menus.


Dashboard Dryer cycle view Dashboard History production overview Dashboard Recipe Edit Dashboard Dryer info

Dashboard Inputs and Outputs Dashboard Remote virtual keyboard Rapport M720


User-friendly interface

  • Full worldwide character set including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Russian, Arabic and Greek characters.
  • Possibility to store up to 50 different languages.
  • Temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Clear 7-segment display for status and messages.
  • Large LCD display for alarms and messages.
  • Intuitive buttons for menu access, program selection etc.


Advanced feature set

  • 100 different drying programs, each with an own name of up to 32 characters to indicate the type of program.
  • Single Cycle (fast setup) for individual batches without program.
  • Delayed start option.
  • Non resettable counters for batches and running hours.
  • Alarm history which records the last 50 alarms and messages since the last start-up.
  • Counters per program, total counters and counters per day available and production data of the last 50 days is stored.
  • Can connect to M.I.S. (Management Information System).


Robust & reliable technology

  • Maximum temperature increase/decrease parameter.
  • 20 buttons with “cap-sense” technology. The buttons work with capacitive measurement, and without any moving parts, this makes them more reliable and longer lasting than mechanical alternatives.
  • Power supply monitor. Shuts off all outputs and gives alarm when supply voltage goes outside preset limits.
  • No parameter settings will be lost in case of power supply failure or an empty battery.
  • RS485 communication port for communication with PC for up- and downloading parameters, translations, character sets, counters, etc.
  • Self-configurable start-up logo which can be used to customize the controller. (Brand labelling)


Expansion options

  • 2nd temperature sensors for limiting temperature of hot air entering dryer.
  • InfraRed Sensor for direct measurement of garment temperature in the drum.
  • Humidity Sensor for accurate drying time adjustment based on moisture in dryer exhaust.
  • I/O expander board if additional inputs or outputs are needed.
  • Adapter to connect controller to a computer via USB port.


Easy service & maintenance

  • Maintenance reminder from controller.
  • Mobics Dashboard software.
    • Configure recipes (make, copy, rename, etc).
    • Test inputs and outputs.
    • View temperatures and recipe cycles.
  • Mobics Dashboard Webserver software.
    • View status of machines remotely on any internet connection (fixed or mobile).
  • Mobics Translator software.
  • Program or change language translations.


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