Mobics Track

Mobics Track is a tracking system that can ensure that the laundry of different customers is kept separate and is easy to follow through the different stages of production. For every item or batch in the production process is it easy to trace where it is and to which customer it belongs. Operators can see at a glance which articles they can expect, and to which customer they belong.

Mobics Track machine overview screen with article information Mobics Track installation in a laundry Mobics Track overview screen for a conveyor system

For central conveyor systems Mobics Track has even more advantages. Instead of having an operator at every machine to ensure laundry for different customers is separated, the laundry loads can be automatically deposited on the conveyor. Mobics Track ensures that the operator at the end of the conveyor is given a clear overview of item and customer for each load as it arrives.

Mobics Track works with all Mobics control systems. For machines which are not fitted with Mobics controllers we have developed a range of hardware to make data collection possible. Mobics Track is supplied tailor-made for your production configuration.

Mobics Track runs on any standard PC running Windows.

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