Auto Sheet Feeders

AMKO was the first manufacturer to bring an automated sheet feeder system with remote feeder stations to the market. Later this was followed by other manufacturers. The big advantage of this system is an increase in productivity. By utilising the buffer in the transport system the feeder operators can continue to work, even when the ironer is stopped.

Sheet transport systems were previously intended for production lines where high production capacity was more important than high quality. These lines were mostly used for processing a single type of textiles. Modern techniques such as spreading with servo motors and automatic separation based on customer or item make these systems suitable for many more laundries. The production line is flexible and can process a greater variety of items. From start to finish individual items and customers are separated. Quality and quantity can go together.

Feeder stations with Mobics controller Mobics sheet transport system overview screen

Mobics has a standard control system configuration for sheet transporters and automated feeder stations from all the major manufacturers (VEGA, AMKO, BIKO). Through years of experience with these systems the controllers are the very best of their kind. In addition to the easy usability you will receive 'intelligent' software that makes optimal use of the system and avoids faults wherever possible. The clear overview screen gives the current process information such as customer id, program, alarms or messages, and machine speed. Additionally a graphical representation is provided of the production over the last 8 hours, per operator and total.

Besides the general functionality (see PLC Systems) the sheet transporter controller features the following additional possibilities:

  • Identification with RFID.
  • Extensive sorting methods based on customer and item.
  • Link to existing databases.
  • Links to collection and distribution systems.

In order to get even more out of your production we recommend using Mobics PC Software packages. These will give you the opportunity to optimise not just one machine but your entire production line, and offer better integration with your other company systems.

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