Flatwork Folders

We have a standard control system configuration, with various options, for folders from all the major manufacturers (VEGA, AMKO, Jensen, Kannegiesser, BIKO, John Weir etc.). The system provides 100 different programs with many user-configurable settings to choose the folding method you want. In addition to the easy usability the unique Mobics controller makes it possible for you to actively monitor your production activities.

Flatwork folder with Mobics contoller Mobics folder overview scree

The clear overview screen displays the current process information such as customer id, program, alarms or messages, and machine speed. Additionally a graphical representation is provided of the production over the last 8 hours, per operator and total. For most folders an overhaul makes good sense. With a new Mobics control system your machine is made completely up-to-date with the latest technology. Your machine will be more efficient and easier to use. There is also a low cost version of the folder controller with a 640x480 touch screen.

Aside from the general functionality (see PLC Systems) the folder controller features the following additional possibilities:

  • Ironer monitoring.
  • Speed control for the ironer configuration.
  • Automatic program change possible, also customer or item dependent.
  • Extra operator terminals for selection of program/item/customer.
  • Up to 6 lanes with all possible linking combinations, also automatic.
  • Skewing detection for length fold and first cross fold.
  • Automatic length correction in case of gaps.

In order to get even more out of your production we recommend using Mobics PC Software packages. These will give you the opportunity to optimize not just one machine but your entire production line, and offer better integration with your other company systems.

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.