Garment Transporters

No two transport systems are the same. Even if the differences are sometimes small there are always things which need to be done differently. This means that the control software is unique to each system. Every controller therefore needs to be configured for the physical layout, in combination with your own wishes.

KTS_inst03 Rail system for garment transport Feeder station for garment transport system

By breaking the software for transport systems down into smaller modules containing the control information for specific parts of the system many modules can be reused and combined in the design of a new system. This reduces the development time and so also the costs.

Besides the general functionality (see PLC Systems) the garment transporter controller features the following additional possibilities:

  • Identification with RFID.
  • Identification by barcode and/or matrix code.
  • Extensive sorting methods.
  • Link to existing databases.

; KTS_inst04 KTS_inst06 KTS_inst05

In order to get even more out of your production we recommend using Mobics PC Software packages. These will give you the opportunity to optimize not just one machine but your entire production line, and offer better integration with your other company systems.

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