Technology is advancing. On the one hand this is good because it provides new possibilities. On the other hand, it can result in the performance of your machines falling behind those of your competitors. It can also mean your machines become more expensive to maintain because the price of replacement parts from many manufacturers can often be high. In some cases, replacement parts are even no longer available. That can increase your company's costs, not just in parts expenses but also machine down-time and failures.

AMKO folder retrofit AMKO folder retrofit AMKO folder retrofit AMKO folder retrofit  Kannegiesser folder retrofit

Mobics can provide you with a suitable, more economical solution which will surpass your existing control system. A solution which can also be fitted preventative.

Kannegiesser Robofold retrofit Kannegiesser Robofold retrofit Jensen folder retrofit Replacement counting wheel and optical sensors for Jensen folder Jensen folder retrofit

Because many machines are mechanically virtually indestructible, revision and retrofitting can often be the correct decision. With a well-maintained machine the control system is often the only part which is really outdated. Mobics has a replacement control system for most industrial laundry machines. These control systems have many features and functions included as standard but can also be tailored to your needs. Mobics can supply and install a complete new control system that will make your machines completely up-to-date.

Dryer system retrofit Dryer system retrofit feeder retrofit for rail system Old controller for rail system before retrofitting New Mobics controller for rail feeder after retrofit

Get more functionality and reliability from your machines with a new control system from Mobics. Take a look at our range of PLC Systems for more information.

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  • Is there a certain functionality that doesn't meet requirements on one or more of your machines?
  • Are you missing a specific functionality on a machine, or in your production process?
  • Do you need a coupling between two or more machines?


PLC weighing system for transport rail Control and readout unit for weighing system for transport rail Conveyor contreoller for Mobics Track system Station with overview screen for Mobics Track Mobics Track in use


Many things can be measured and controlled. Weight, temperature, distance, length, time.... the list is long. Maybe an independently operating system is the best solution for you, or maybe an existing controller can be extended and upgraded. Whatever the situation Mobics can find the best balance between your requirements and available technology and give you a suitable advice. By translating practical experience into solutions for both hardware and software we are confident that we can offer you a suitable solution.

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Software Development

Mobics specializes in software development for industry. We can provide a solid solution for both PC and PLC or embedded systems. Mobics is one of the few software developers which is active in all these areas. We have specific knowledge in-house of electronics, digital communication, engineering and ICT. This enables us to provide solutions to complex problems where others may lack the knowledge or insight to see all the possibilities.

PC Software

Software developers offer their products through many different channels and there seems to be a product available for every need. Most often the products on offer are fine, however if you are looking to integrate a specific application into your IT or control systems it can result in long and frustrating searches. Often you are finally forced to resort to expensive software packages which do much more than you really need, or to lower your requirements to fit the limited functionality of the alternative packages.

This is where Mobics can help. We have the expertise to develop software which will do exactly what you want. This means you will not have to lower your requirements, and often your costs will be lower too.

We develop PC software for Windows and can provide information exchange with other software packages where needed. Of course, as a supplier of control systems we can also connect this software to your existing hardware, or develop software in combination with a new control system.

PLC Software

A PLC is used to execute control tasks. This includes both the control of a machine and data acquisition. There are very few standard systems available for this. Most PLC applications are designed for a specific purpose and therefore also require the necessary software to be custom designed.

In order to design such software experience, insight and specific knowledge of control tasks is needed. Mobics has supplied many control systems for the laundry, packaging, and process industries. You supply the information about the operation of your machine and Mobics can translate this into software that meets your demands.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are designed around a microprocessor or FPGA. Software for these systems is always developed together with the hardware. These systems are always designed to customer specifications. Mobics can develop both hardware and software for embedded controllers. See Microprocessor Systems for more information.

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Service and Spares

Mobics has wide experience of industrial laundry machines (VEGA, AMKO, BIKO, Jensen etc.). In many cases we can assist or give advice if you are experiencing problems or a system failure. If necessary, we can resolve the malfunction on site. It goes without saying that we also provide service and support for control systems we have supplied.

Because we fully understand the importance of uninterrupted operation we hold a range of components in stock. We have a selection of sensors, PLC components, touch screens and other parts which we can supply quickly, at competitive prices.

In addition to advice and support we can provide software modification for all types of AMKO controllers. Many of these machines are still in good condition. Possibly you just need additional functions or modification of existing functions in the software. We can provide you with this. Depending on the extent of the modification we can either send you an EEPROM with the new software, or we can come to site to install it.

Mobics supplies software and components for AMKO controllers based on Philips PLC (MC20, MC30 and MC31T) and Sigmatek PLC (DCC040, DCC080, DCC081 and DCP640).

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