Services : Retrofitting

Technology is advancing. On the one hand this is good because it provides new possibilities. On the other hand it can result in the performance of your machines falling behind those of your competitors. It can also mean your machines become more expensive to maintain because the price of replacement parts from many manufacturers can often be high. In some cases replacement parts are even no longer available. That can increase your company's costs, not just in parts expenses but also machine down-time and failures.

AMKO folder retrofit AMKO folder retrofit AMKO folder retrofit AMKO folder retrofit  Kannegiesser folder retrofit

Mobics can provide you with a suitable, more economical solution which will surpass your existing control system. A solution which can also be fitted preventative.

Kannegiesser Robofold retrofit Kannegiesser Robofold retrofit Jensen folder retrofit Replacement counting wheel and optical sensors for Jensen folder Jensen folder retrofit

Because many machines are mechanically virtually indestructible revision and retrofitting can often be the correct decision. With a well maintained machine the control system is often the only part which is really outdated. Mobics has a replacement control system for most industrial laundry machines. These control systems have many features and functions included as standard but can also be tailored to your needs. Mobics can supply and install a complete new control system that will make your machines completely up-to-date.

Dryer system retrofit Dryer system retrofit feeder retrofit for rail system Old controller for rail system before retrofitting New Mobics controller for rail feeder after retrofit

Get more functionality and reliability from your machines with a new control system from Mobics. Take a look at our range of PLC Systems for more information.

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