Services : Upgrading

  • Is there a certain functionality that doesn't meet requirements on one or more of your machines?
  • Are you missing a specific functionality on a machine, or in your production process?
  • Do you need a coupling between two or more machines?


PLC weighing system for transport rail Control and readout unit for weighing system for transport rail Conveyor contreoller for Mobics Track system Station with overview screen for Mobics Track Mobics Track in use


Many things can be measured and controlled. Weight, temperature, distance, length, time.... the list is long. Maybe an independently operating system is the best solution for you, or maybe an existing controller can be extended and upgraded. Whatever the situation Mobics can find the best balance between your requirements and available technology and give you a suitable advice. By translating practical experience into solutions for both hardware and software we are confident that we can offer you a suitable solution.

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