PC Software

Mobics has developed a number of PC software packages to specifically fulfill the needs of the industrial laundry sector. These are primarily used to extract more information from production processes and improve efficiency. It goes without saying that all Mobics software integrates completely with Mobics control systems, but it can also be used with the control systems of all the major manufacturers of laundry equipment. The software has many features integrated as standard but additional features can also be added on request.



Mobics M.I.S.Mobics M.I.S. is a Management Information System that collects information from all your machines and presents them in graphs and charts. It gives managers and technicians the analysis and comparative tools they need in order to ensure that the production process runs smoothly and efficiently. Overviews of production, failures, downtime, and alarms can all be generated for any given period.

Mobics TrackMobics Track is a tracking system that can ensure that the laundry of different customers is kept separate and is easy to follow through the different stages of production. For every item or batch in the production process it is easy to trace where it is and to which customer it belongs.


Mobics CountMobics Count is a counting system that monitors and records processed articles per customer. This gives a clear and complete overview of all the items you process. The system also gives increased insight in the processing time allowing more accurate cost price calculations. Additional features are included for exporting data and printing packing labels.


Mobics DatabaseMobics Database is an SQL database. With this you can manage all your machine, customer, and article information centrally for improved control of the whole production cycle.


thumb sqlclient1Mobics Machine Sql Client is an application that collects production information from all machines and saves this data to a database. It brings the user the possibility to analyse the production, failures, downtime and alarms to optimize the production with the data of all machines saved structured in a database. The user can access the information fast and/or use it in their own application.


All Mobics PC software will work on any computer running Windows.

Mobics provides PC Software Development services.