Mobics Count

Mobics Count is a system for counting each item per customer. This gives you a clear overview of the quantity of each item you process for each customer. The Mobics Count system can also provide insight in the processing time per item. This makes it possible to make more accurate cost price calculations.

Mobics Count is a completely independent software package, however it can also work together with the other Mobics PC software packages. Mobics Count is compatible with all Mobics PLC control systems. We have developed hardware in order to also be able to collect data from machines that are not equipped with a Mobics control system.

Mobics Count installatie bij een wasserij Mobics Count installatie bij een wasserij

Mobics Count can print packing lists, adjust counters (for machine failure or repeat washing) and export data. The system is extremely reliable because the actual counting is done in the machine controller. Shutting the computer down will not effect the counting.

Mobics Count will work on any computer running Windows.

Main Functions

  • Intuitive and complete user interface.
  • Touch-screen operation.
  • Data can be exported to virtually any format on request.
  • Connections can be added on request to existing company IT systems.
  • On request Mobics Count can be tailored to customer specific needs.

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