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  • PLC Systems

    PLC Systems

    by Mobics Netherlands
Looking to elevate your laundry production process and maximize efficiency? Look no further than the state-of-the-art Mobics control system, meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of high volume laundry operations. Boasting cutting-edge technology and advanced functionality, a Mobics control system offers unparalleled insight into your machines. Its user-friendly color touch screen interface is optimized to provide crystal-clear overview screens and intuitive menus, ensuring a seamless and effortless operation.

PLC Systems

Not only does the Mobics control system offer competitive pricing, often significantly lower than repairing an existing controller, it also features exceptional robustness and reliability. It seamlessly incorporates customer and item information, providing comprehensive oversight of the production process and enabling you to unlock greater efficiency.

The system's production information screens and diagnostic options are equally impressive, providing you with an extensive array of tools to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise. Help texts are integrated, eliminating the need for a handbook or extensive training.

Backing up your system is a breeze with the convenience of USB memory sticks, while non-volatile memory ensures that all settings are retained. You can even customize the label with your own logos and text, adding an extra layer of personalization to your laundry operations.

Mobics is a trusted supplier of control systems for machines from all the major manufacturers, including VEGA, AMKO, BIKO, Jensen, Kannegiesser, and John Weir, catering to a wide range of laundry operations, such as laundry sorting, rail/transport systems, washing tunnels, washing machines, dryers, feeders, ironers, folders, conveyor systems, and weighing systems.

Upgrade your laundry production process with the cutting-edge Mobics control system today, and experience the difference that unparalleled efficiency and reliability can make.

  • Stable and robust
  • User friendly touch screen control
  • Adjustable sorting/rejection for every type of linen
  • Detection of lines and logo’s on the linen
  • Folding point correction for crooked sheets
  • Suitable for both large pieces and small pieces like napkins and kitchen towels
  • Special version available for roller towels
  • Speed up to 60 meters per minute with full resolution
  • Competitive price

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