Mobics Database

Mobics Database is supplied as an expansion of the Mobics Count and Mobics Track packages. It gives you complete control of all your production information in a user-friendly environment. Machine, customer, and article information is managed centrally. With one push of the button all the machines can be updated with any changes to this data.

Mobics Database makes it possible to manage your laundry entirely on the basis of customer and article information, irrespective of the machine.

Main advantages are:

Articles per customer are counted on each machine.

Operators no longer need to select programs on the machines but simply enter customer and article numbers. This reduces the chance of mistakes being made.

Managers have a better overview and control of production activity. The database contains definition of which machines are designated for processing the different articles.

Main Functions

  • Simple to set-up.
  • Intuitive and complete user interface.
  • Data can be exported to virtually every standard database and spreadsheet format.
  • Specific customer requirements can be added to the Mobics Database on request.

Technical Information

  • SQL based database.
  • Up to 255 individual articles can be defined in the database.
  • Up to 9999 individual machines can be entered into the database.
  • Runs on any standard PC with Windows installed.
  • Uses standard network hardware for the connections to your machines.
  • Can be integrated into an existing company network, or installed on an independent network.

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