Mobics (M.I.S.) Management Information System

Mobics M.I.S. gives managers and technical personnel the analysis and comparative tools they need. Overviews of production, (machine) failure, down-time, and alarms can be generated for any given period of time. This enables them to optimize the production process and make it as efficient as possible; for human and machine resources. Mobics M.I.S. can be run on multiple computers simultaneously. Getting the best out of your production has never been easier!

Mobics M.I.S. overview screen with 3D graph Mobics M.I.S. overview screen with 2D graph

A Management Information System makes it possible to evaluate and take action based on real-time production information. Mobics M.I.S. collects information for all connected control systems and presents this in clear 2 or 3 dimensional graphs. Mobics M.I.S. is compatible with all Mobics PLC control systems.

We have developed hardware in order to also be able to collect data from machines that are not equipped with a Mobics control system. Of course, with a Mobics control system you will get the best from your equipment. Practically any type of laundry machinery can be connected to Mobics M.I.S..

Main Functions

  • Easy to configure.
  • Intuitive and complete user interface.
  • Large volumes of data are easily interpreted.
  • Data can be exported to virtually every standard database and spreadsheet format.
  • Graphs can be exported as images for easy inclusion in presentations or reports.
  • Up to 100 machines can be connected to one Mobics M.I.S..
  • Graphs can be viewed in 2D or 3D. 3D offers options for rotating, moving and zooming for optimal display of specific information.
  • On request Mobics M.I.S. can be tailored to specific customer needs.

Technical Information

  • Clear overview screen: on the left side is an overview of all connected machines, and on the right side detailed information for the selected machine.
  • Uses standard network hardware for the connections to your machines.
  • Can be integrated into your existing network, or be installed on a dedicated network.
  • Option for running Mobics M.I.S. across the internet.
  • Works on any computer running Windows.
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