Mobics Machine SQL Client

Mobics Machine SQL Client is an application that collects production information from all machines and saves this data to a database. It brings the user the possibility to analyse the production, failures, downtime and alarms to optimize the production with the data of all machines saved structured in a database. The user can access the information fast and/or use it in their own application.

Mobics Machine Sql Client with log 





It is possible to run Mobics Machine SQL Client on multiple computers within your network, each machine can have an individual database and update time. It was never this easy to get all data of your machines organized together and have an easy access to it.

Main Functions

  • Clear User Interface.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Easy machine management with the use of the wizard.
  • Up to 100 machines per application.
  • Separate update interval for every machine.
  • No interaction needed after installation.
  • Possibility to manually update all machines with 1 button.
  • Log available for every machine within the user interface.
  • Save and automatically load settings at start-up.
  • Works in background.

Technical Information

  • Works with most common databases.
  • Possibility to connect with Mobics Machine SQL Client over the internet.
  • Works on every Windows machine with Windows.