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Mobics Ai Scanner

The Mobics Ai Scan Is an advanced scanning system for flat work. Not only does it detect and recognize stains, tears and holes, it can also classify, sort and count flat work depending on size, color, patterning and/or logo’s. The Mobics Ai Scan has been specially developed by Mobics BV for the high-volume laundry industry: the system can handle large amounts of flat work at high running speeds and has additional features to better manage the work-flow.

2 x Ai Scan on Kannegiesser machines Building scanners  Ai Scanner on Amko machine Ai Scan Led lights Ai Scan on Jensen Classic

The Mobics Ai Scan can sort based on holes, tears, stains, colors, lines, logo’s, sizes and shapes. Sorting rules can be (user) defined to specify what to do for each detected condition. The rule can define an action (for example to reject if a hole is detected), increment a counter or perform a signalling action. Because of this the Mobics Ai Scan makes it possible to not only sort on reject criteria, but also on quality. The Mobics Ai Scan can also count and sort based on other properties of the linen itself. The Mobics Ai Scan divides bed linen into separate zones. This makes it possible to use different assessment criteria, for example, for the edges of a bed sheet which will be under a mattress and for areas which will be visible.

Thanks to the automatic camera calibration and time triggered cleaning system, scanner performance will remain at its optimum level under all circumstances.
Closed housing keeps dust out of the electronics, protects the sensitive parts of the system against ambient influences and maintains the overall integrity of the entire unit.

Scanner features:

  • Stable and robust.
  • User friendly touch screen control.
  • Adjustable sorting/rejection for every type of linen.
  • Detection of lines and logo’s on the linen.
  • Folding point correction for crooked sheets.
  • Suitable for both large pieces and small pieces like napkins and kitchen towels.
  • Special version available for roller towels.
  • Speed up to 60 meters per minute with full resolution.
  • Up to 6 lane operation.
  • Competitive price.

For more information about the Mobics Ai Scan view the Videos or Product Brochures.