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  • Management Information System (M.I.S.)

    Software Solutions

    by Mobics Netherlands

Management Information System (M.I.S.)

Mobics M.I.S. gives managers and technical personnel the analysis and comparative tools they need. Overviews of production, (machine) failure, down-time, and alarms can be generated for any given period of time. This enables them to optimize the production process and make it as efficient as possible; for human and machine resources. Mobics M.I.S. can be run on multiple computers simultaneously. Getting the best out of your production has never been easier!

A Management Information System makes it possible to evaluate and take action based on real-time production information. Mobics M.I.S. collects information for all connected control systems and presents this in clear 2 or 3 dimensional graphs. Mobics M.I.S. is compatible with all Mobics PLC control systems.

We have developed hardware in order to also be able to collect data from machines that are not equipped with a Mobics control system. Of course, with a Mobics control system you will get the best from your equipment. Practically any type of laundry machinery can be connected to Mobics M.I.S..

Main Functions

  • Easy to configure.
  • Intuitive and complete user interface.
  • Large volumes of data are easily interpreted.
  • Data can be exported to virtually every standard database and spreadsheet format.
  • Graphs can be exported as images for easy inclusion in presentations or reports.
  • Up to 100 machines can be connected to one Mobics M.I.S..
  • Graphs can be viewed in 2D or 3D. 3D offers options for rotating, moving and zooming for optimal display of specific information.
  • On request Mobics M.I.S. can be tailored to specific customer needs.

Technical Information

  • Clear overview screen: on the left side is an overview of all connected machines, and on the right side detailed information for the selected machine.
  • Uses standard network hardware for the connections to your machines.
  • Can be integrated into your existing network, or be installed on a dedicated network.
  • Option for running Mobics M.I.S. across the internet.
  • Works on any computer running Windows.


Mobics Track is a tracking system that can ensure that the laundry of different customers is kept separate and is easy to follow through the different stages of production. For every item or batch in the production process is it easy to trace where it is and to which customer it belongs. Operators can see at a glance which articles they can expect, and to which customer they belong.

Mobics Track machine overview screen with article information Mobics Track installation in a laundry Mobics Track overview screen for a conveyor system

For central conveyor systems Mobics Track has even more advantages. Instead of having an operator at every machine to ensure laundry for different customers is separated, the laundry loads can be automatically deposited on the conveyor. Mobics Track ensures that the operator at the end of the conveyor is given a clear overview of item and customer for each load as it arrives.

Mobics Track works with all Mobics control systems. For machines which are not fitted with Mobics controllers we have developed a range of hardware to make data collection possible. Mobics Track is supplied tailor-made for your production configuration.

Mobics Track runs on any standard PC running Windows.


Mobics Count is a system for counting each item per customer. This gives you a clear overview of the quantity of each item you process for each customer. The Mobics Count system can also provide insight in the processing time per item. This makes it possible to make more accurate cost price calculations.

Mobics Count is a completely independent software package, however it can also work together with the other Mobics PC software packages. Mobics Count is compatible with all Mobics PLC control systems. We have developed hardware in order to also be able to collect data from machines that are not equipped with a Mobics control system.

Mobics Count can print packing lists, adjust counters (for machine failure or repeat washing) and export data. The system is extremely reliable because the actual counting is done in the machine controller. Shutting the computer down will not effect the counting. Mobics Count will work on any computer running Windows.

Main Functions

  • Intuitive and complete user interface.
  • Touch-screen operation.
  • Data can be exported to virtually any format on request.
  • Connections can be added on request to existing company IT systems.
  • On request Mobics Count can be tailored to customer specific needs.


Mobics Database is supplied as an expansion of the Mobics Count and Mobics Track packages. It gives you complete control of all your production information in a user-friendly environment. Machine, customer, and article information is managed centrally. With one push of the button all the machines can be updated with any changes to this data. Mobics Database makes it possible to manage your laundry entirely on the basis of customer and article information, irrespective of the machine.

Main advantages

  • Articles per customer are counted on each machine.
  • Operators no longer need to select programs on the machines but simply enter customer and article numbers. This reduces the chance of mistakes being made.
  • Managers have a better overview and control of production activity. The database contains definition of which machines are designated for processing the different articles.

Main Functions

  • Simple to set-up.
  • Intuitive and complete user interface.
  • Data can be exported to virtually every standard database and spreadsheet format.
  • Specific customer requirements can be added to the Mobics Database on request.

Technical Information

  • SQL based database.
  • Up to 255 individual articles can be defined in the database.
  • Up to 9999 individual machines can be entered into the database.
  • Runs on any standard PC with Windows installed.
  • Uses standard network hardware for the connections to your machines.
  • Can be integrated into an existing company network, or installed on an independent network.

Machine SQL Client

Mobics Machine SQL Client is an application that collects production information from all machines and saves this data to a database. It brings the user the possibility to analyse the production, failures, downtime and alarms to optimize the production with the data of all machines saved structured in a database. The user can access the information fast and/or use it in their own application.

It is possible to run Mobics Machine SQL Client on multiple computers within your network, each machine can have an individual database and update time. It was never this easy to get all data of your machines organized together and have an easy access to it.

Main Functions

  • Clear User Interface.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Easy machine management with the use of the wizard.
  • Up to 100 machines per application.
  • Separate update interval for every machine.
  • No interaction needed after installation.
  • Possibility to manually update all machines with 1 button.
  • Log available for every machine within the user interface.
  • Save and automatically load settings at start-up.
  • Works in background.

Technical Information

  • Works with most common databases.
  • Possibility to connect with Mobics Machine SQL Client over the internet.
  • Works on every Windows machine with Windows.